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  • An agent sent on a mission to represent or advance the interests of another; someone who is sent on a mission as a representative of another person; an ambassador, agent, consul, diplomat, or messenger.

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Kim S

Thank You Joanie.... It is often a very difficult task to look within our own souls but because of your questions you have opened the door for others to find freedom. Bless you!


Joan what I think is amazing about this article is that you show how we have the opportunity through our heavenly Father to choose a new inheritance. You are choosing not the earthly inheritance of anger, but an inheritance of a gentle, loving spirit which will draw people into the kingdom. Thank you for sharing.

Karen G

Hey Joan - what an incredible article! I love the God perspective He's given you on such a relevant subject. A very timely reminder with all the 'world events' going on around me right now but just as importantly for all the 'my life' events going on around me right now too. Thanks so much for sharing...

Deborah Ho

Hey Joan this is an excellent article. It reminded me of a line from Mary Poppin's song 'just a spoonful of sugar and the medicine goes down in a most delightful way'. Cool, thanks for sharing.

Lily M.

Excellent article, very honest and human. Thank you for writing it and for sharing the revelation that somtimes the root of anger may be rejection which was insightful to me. God bless!

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  • Emissary International is a gathering of likeminded individuals who gather solely on the basis of relationship and mutual friendship. The gathering was birthed out of the hearts of Carl Brettle and Jonathan Benz in June 2001. Jonathan had fallen ill and was in a season of extreme spiritual and emotional pressure. Carl jumped on an airplane at short notice and flew from Wales to South Florida in order to pray for and encourage him. While there, the two discussed the need in their generation and among their peers for authentic friendship that would serve as a catalyst to propel them into their destinies. They began gathering groups of 7-15 individuals in different countries for this purpose.

    The development of mutual relationship is the primary distinctive of these gatherings. The gatherings are structured to facilitate relationship and while there is ministry given to each other, any public ministry that may occur is purely secondary. Ample time is given to conversation, relaxation and fun. The heart of the time together is to see an influential gathering of national and international leaders encouraged and affirmed to advance the Kingdom of God in every sector of society across the globe.